Viso Juve Medical Spa Procedures Training

Medical spa procedures TRAINING

Sculptra Aesthetic: Face & Body Sculpt

Learn everything about Sculptra Aesthetic and be comfortable to begin using the next day in your practice.  Rejuvenating the face with different techniques that will demonstrate a natural outcome while addressing changes with aging. Body injections include decolletage, arms, abdomen, thighs, knees, cellulite, BBL, and hip dips.

Full day w/hands-on: $2500
Full day observation only: $1000

Introduction to Neurotoxin

A comprehensive certificate course introducing the participant to all FDA neurotoxins such as Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, & Juveau.  This full day learning experience will consist of 2 hours of didactic covering safety, biochemistry of each product, storage of product, mixing, understanding doses related to specific areas, anatomy with male/female differences, adverse effects, injection technique, & post care instructions.  Participants will have hands-on injection experience of the upper face.

Cost: $1,500

Dermal Fillers: Beginner’s Course Level I

This is a comprehensive introduction course for the beginner injector.  This course consists of a 2hr. Didactic program covering facial assessment, facial anatomy, injection techniques, a discussion on the makeup of the current dermal fillers.  Hands-on injection practice will take place in the cheeks, lower face.  Certificate of completion will be provided.

Cost: $1,800

Dermal Fillers: Advanced Course Level II

In this course we will cover advanced techniques using dermal fillers such as jawline, lips, chin, submalar, blending, and more advanced cheek injections.  The morning we will cover the didactic portion, followed by hands-on injection in the afternoon.

Cost: $1800

Dermal Fillers: Advanced Course Level III

Certificate completion of the course will include didactic course covering the different dermal fillers on the market, safety, injection techniques, including injections to the earlobes, tear troughs, vectoring, piriform, hands, necklines.

Cost: $2200


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